As the second Villa Tugendhat. The past of the Jews and the Holocaust will be mapped in a centre with a café

To map the history of the Jews in the region and recall the darkest periods of their history. The Holocaust Documentation Centre in Moravia will be established in Brno with this intention. The intention has been supported by the Brno city councillors, but it must be approved by the councillors who will meet next week.

The agreement will be confirmed by signing a memorandum. This will ensure, among other things, that the town will provide the Foundation for the Construction and Operation of the Holocaust Documentation Centre in Moravia with land for the construction of the Centre free of charge.

The modern museum will be built on city land next to the old bus station on the site where the car park is today. "But we don't want lots of display cases and long texts. The exhibitions will be in music, film and movement form, for example. They should appeal to emotions," said Martin Reiner, the foundation's director.

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