Endowment Fund established

We had a press conference scheduled for March 30 at the Slavia Hotel, with all five members of the Foundation's Board of Directors in attendance. Jakub Kynčl was supposed to come and talk about the matter from the architect's point of view, and Vítek Mádr was supposed to take pictures. Here we wanted to introduce the Documentation Centre to the public. Then we had to meet for the first meeting of the board of directors, which had, among other things, the task of dealing with several formalities that are a condition for registering the Foundation Fund in the Foundation Register, which in turn is necessary so that we can establish a transparent account, etc...

But one thinks, plans and prepares... and the coronavirus throws it all in the garbage can. The press conference fell through completely, and we ended up doing the meeting and the vote per rollam, or over the Internet. Senator Mikulas Bek was unanimously elected as the first chairman of the Foundation's board of directors. Also unanimously approved were the Foundation's bylaws, which you can view here.

We sealed it at the notary Philip Schwarzenstein's in April.

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